Bernie White Hatcher

Bernie has been painting and exhibiting her work for 60 years.  In that time her medium, content and style have not remained the same, though landscape is her primary source for inspiration. The process of moving from representational landscapes to newer perspectives and works involved seeing and thinking differently about the same thing.

“When I stretched, enlarged and deepened the parameters of how I defined landscape, new inspirations became evident.  Within the landscape I saw beginnings, changes and adaptation, disturbances and competition. Destruction and decay were obvious, extinction, innovation and renewal --- a multitude of constructs were apparent.  All of this makes us more intrinsically connected to landscape. In order to communicate this, I needed to find a different visual language."


"Today some of my work is devoid of recognizable symbols, where as in others suggestions are present in the painted shapes, colors and texture.  The challenge, or summons of these landscapes paintings, is to look longer, think deeper, rediscover the land.  Enjoy new connections to the meaning and interpretation of landscape.  Change how you think about it and ultimately how you are able see and experience it.”



Selected Exhibits

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library,
  Spfld., IL  2017
Along the Water, M. G. Nelson Gallery,
  Spfld., IL  2015

Appearances, Springfield, IL 2021

Buchanan Center for the Arts,
  Monmouth, IL  2012
Cedarhurst Art Center Biennials,
  Mt. Vernon, IL 2009 - 2013 - 2021

Chatham Library, Chatham, IL. – 2019

Componere Gallery,  St. Louis, MO 2000 -2021
David Strawn Art Gallery, Jacksonville, IL 2017

DIM Art Gallery, Springfield, IL  2020
Domont Gallery, Indianapolis, IN 2008

Evansville Museum, Evansville, IN 2008

Gallery II — Paper Works, Spfld., IL 2011
H.D. Smith Gallery, Featured Artist,
  Spfld., IL 2017

Illinois State Fair Invitational,
  Spfld., IL 2004 -2021

Illinois Artisan Shop, Chicago, IL 2011
Lakeview Museum “Inspired by Illinois,”
  Peoria, IL 2002
Lincoln Land Community College,
  Spfld., IL  2004
LLCC Founder’s Day Exhibit, Spfld., IL  2007
Anne Lloyd Gallery, Decatur IL 2009 - 2013

Old State Capitol Art Fair,
  Spfld., IL 1985 - 2008
Placitas Café, Placitas, NM   2019 - 2021

Pharmacy Gallery & Art Space,
  Spfld., IL 2014-2021
Prairie Art Alliance, Spfld., IL  1998 -2013
SAA Collective, Spfld., IL 2014 – 2021

Sangamo Club, Spfld., IL 2008

Shrode Art Center,  Mt. Vernon, IL 2021
Southern Illinois Artisan Center,
  Whitington, IL 2000 -2014
Speaking of Decay, M.G. Nelson Gallery,
  Spfld., IL  2017
State Street Gallery, Chicago, IL  2014

Tarble Art Center, Charleston, IL  2002
Title Company, Decatur, IL  2012
Venue 1929, Spfld., IL  2019
Wright House, Chicago, IL  2019 - 2021



American Heart Association, Springfield, IL
Bank One West, Springfield, IL
Booth Library, Eastern Illinois Univ., Charleston, IL
Brookens Library, UIS, Springfield,  IL
Baylis Building, Springfield, IL
Capitol City Center, Springfield, IL
Centrill Media Corp., Hdqrts. Placitas, NM
City of Springfield, Mayor’s Office, Spfld, IL

Eastern IL Univ. Tarble Art Center, Charleston, IL.

First of America Bank, Springfield, IL

H&S Builders, Inc., Springfield, IL.

Hickory Point Bank & Trust, Springfield, IL
Illinois National Bank, Springfield, IL.
Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce, Jacksonville, IL
Levy, Ray & Shoup, Inc., Springfield, IL.
Lincoln Land Community College, Spfld, IL

MOCAP Group, St. Louis, MO.
T.J. Nicoud & Co., Springfield, IL
Sorling, Northrup, Hanna, Cullen & Cochran, Spfld, IL

Springfield Area Arts Council, Springfield, IL

Work is also represented in hundreds of private collections throughout the Mid and Southwest.